CES 2014

Like a true fan-girl, since I read Steve Wozniak had wanted to go to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) all those years back, I wanted to go to CES. I talked about it so much that one day my friend got fed up with me and said, “you’re going to CES next year.” So that was sorted. Next, I wasn’t sure whether to exhibit or not. I spoke to lots of people. Finally, one mentor said, “well, if you go, you’ll want to talk to people about your arm. You’re not allowed to do that on the show floor. If you have a booth, people will come to you to talk about your robotic arm.” I was sold. I went to CES and I exhibited there.

It was full-on! Day 1 of exhibiting, my friend Cynthia got delayed in getting there, so I had to man the fort by myself. I didn’t eat until 10pm that night!

I was in Eureka Park with all the startups but I went to the main hall and took photos of all the robots in the robotics section to show my team. You can check them out here!

Highlights: we got onto the Channel 10 News in Australia, which a lot of people emailed me about to tell me that they had seen.

We had a VentureBeat article written about us with a video!

It was also a nice post-CES surprise that 2Mar won an iPad mini as part of a photo-liking competition on Facebook. We use it everyday now to test and develop our Jeva app. Very useful. Thanks Pixe! We’re chuffed we won!

I got to meet some really cool people whose companies I follow, and make some great connections to inspiring people. It was a full-on and crazy experience. I will definitely go back.