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Jevaroo – Lift Capabilities

We filmed some more videos of our Jevaroo robot arm in action!  Here it is demonstrating its load and lift capabilities. It can lift 2.32kg at the closest angle, and 1.32kg at full reach.

Lifting 1.32kg at full extension.

Lifting 2.32kg at the closest angle.

Our Jevaroo Robot arm

Jevaroo is a telepresence robotic arm on a movable platform. Jevaroo empowers people with a disability and saves carers’ travel time and costs. Jevaroo may be controlled by a person in the same room over Bluetooth or by a carer in another location via Wifi in order to do chores or personal tasks around the home or away from home – getting drinks, opening doors, and carrying items.  Jevaroo can lift 3.5kg at full extension, and pick objects off the ground or from as high as 1.8m. 

Here’s a video of Jevaroo performing a variety of tasks!

Most influential Women Engineers

Our founder Marita made the list of most influential women engineers in the world, at number 29! See the entire list here.

You can read more about it here in Engineers Australia’s Create Magazine.

From the Engineer’s Australia article:

… included on the list devised by machine-learning technology developed with funding from the United States’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The algorithm accessed open-source data from billions of continuously updated data points in sources including Wikipedia and CrossRef, which reference papers, chapters, books and citations to the work of individual researchers around the world.

According to those behind Academic Influence, the method is not simply a popularity contest. It focuses on the intersection of name mentions and discipline mentions, so individuals are credited with “hits” only when their names also intersect with mentions of their field. Combined with other data, including the reach of their institution, the algorithm calculates an influence “score” for the researchers which determines their ranking.

User trials have begun!

We have begun user testing our Jevaroo robot with people in our R&D office in Melbourne.  We’re thrilled to be getting user feedback on the intuitiveness of our robot controls from our end users in the office! Here’s a short video of Jevaroo in action!

Business Leader Award by LESA

Our founder Marita Cheng won the international Business Leader Award by LESA for being a leader with purpose. The full name of the award is: the Leadership Energy Summit Asia‘s (LESA) Iclif Leadership Energy Award’s (ILEA) Business Leader Award from the Asia School of Business, in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management – quite the mouthful!

We’re super proud of Marita being acknowledged for her work globally, and for her work in leading our team to do good! Thank you for the recognition, Iclif!

Nexus Impact Accelerator Fellowship

From February – October 2020, we participated in the Nexus Impact Accelerator Fellowship, which began at the Nexus Global conference in DC in February 2020 – our last in-person conference before the global COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  At Nexus Global, we pitched our Jevaroo robotic arm on a movable platform.

During the Fellowship, our cohort met via Zoom every Monday morning for peer support, I gave a speech about robotics to the Nexus community, and I received mentorship from executive coaches a few times a month. It was very valuable to have a strong peer support group while the world became crazy and confusing with the pandemic.

We were meant to conclude our Fellowship by giving a speech onstage at the next Nexus USA Conference in August 2020. With the pandemic, that didn’t happen. Maybe we’ll present at the next Nexus in-person conference? Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next Nexus in-person conference and seeing everyone again!

Here is an interview we did with Nexus during the Fellowship.

Jevaroo prototype

Here is a first look at Jevaroo, the 8 degree-of-freedom robotic arm on a movable platform we’ve been working on. We’re super excited about this robot and its potential capabilities!

Al Jazeera documentary

Al Jazeera English filmed a 25-minute documentary with Teleport, a Teleport customer, our new robot Jevaroo, and user interactions with Jevaroo. 

It is part of their 5-part “Women make science” series, where they profiled women from around the world. It was a wonderful opportunity to be involved in this series, capturing a moment in our story!

Binary Shift

Binary Shift: Regional Innovation & Startups Conference, was created to showcase regional entrepreneurs, help build community around innovation and technology in regional areas, and connect regional business owners to national and global thought leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship.  Growing regional tech, innovation and startup communities is vital to creating regional jobs.

Held over two days in Sale Victoria, the day was kicked off by our founder Marita Cheng, delivering an inspiring speech about our Aubot robots and increasing women’s participation in STEM.

This was followed by the opportunity for members of the public to maneuver Teleport around the room.  It was fun to engage people in regional communities around the possibilities of remote work via telepresence robot! Thank you for having us, Binary Shift! We enjoyed being part of your proud regional community!