Work Experience with Alexandra K

In 2011 for the inaugural Robogals Science Challenge, Alexandra K camera first in the intermediate division. I was so impressed by her that when she asked if she could do her year 10 work experience with me, I immediately said yes. So she spent two weeks at the 2Mar offices. During her time in the offices, we attended What’s Out There Day at the Royal Talbot, where Alexandra got to demonstrate Jeva to people in the community. Here’s what she said about her two week work experience.

My name is Alexandra, and I am currently in Year 10. At the beginning of April, I was lucky enough to complete two weeks of Work Experience at 2Mar Robotics! My time there was so valuable! I learnt so much… and I had heaps of fun!! Some of the many things that I was able to do were: building robot arms, researching and designing new parts, demoing Jeva and learning how to do computer aided design. I was even able to visit Melbourne University and see 3D printing and laser cutting in action! Everyone at 2Mar is so wonderful, welcoming and helpful, which made my experience even better!! Now that I have tried all of these things, I am so excited for my future… I hope to work in the field of robotics and this experience has shown me so many aspects of it! Thank you so much to 2Mar for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

You can check out Alexandra’s winning entry to the Science Challenge here.