Innovation in the Wild

On 12 October, 2Mar participated in Innovation in the Wild (IITW) at The Cluster. For this event, IITW partnered with the ITS World Congress to source its attendees.

We met with employees from Ericsson, Mercedes Benz, Cisco, Toyota, Bosch and Volvo. Lots of people expressed interest in having a Teleport in their office. We had a great time and can’t wait for the next one.

It’s a unique event where there are only 12 companies exhibiting, and groups of 3-4 people rotate every 5 minutes to meet each company. It’s great because it’s a very immersive experience. For two hours, you’re refining your pitch every 5 minutes. And unlike a trade show where you have busy periods and quiet periods, IITW is just full-on the entire time, which makes it really fun.


We had a great looking booth with a tall robot next to a big screen showing Teleport in action. It looked awesome.  Above is a photo of Teleport while we were setting up – it’s small and at its lowest height so that it’s easy to transport around.  🙂