Most influential Women Engineers

Our founder Marita made the list of most influential women engineers in the world, at number 29! See the entire list here.

You can read more about it here in Engineers Australia’s Create Magazine.

From the Engineer’s Australia article:

… included on the list devised by machine-learning technology developed with funding from the United States’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The algorithm accessed open-source data from billions of continuously updated data points in sources including Wikipedia and CrossRef, which reference papers, chapters, books and citations to the work of individual researchers around the world.

According to those behind Academic Influence, the method is not simply a popularity contest. It focuses on the intersection of name mentions and discipline mentions, so individuals are credited with “hits” only when their names also intersect with mentions of their field. Combined with other data, including the reach of their institution, the algorithm calculates an influence “score” for the researchers which determines their ranking.