September events

Innovation in the Wild

Luke, Zac and I took Teleroo to Innovation in the Wild, hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce and The Cluster. We showcased Teleroo to 36 people from the German Chamber of Commerce. They rotated through 12 companies exhibiting in groups of 3. It was very fun to share our Teleroo only 30 hours after returning from Singularity University. And telling the same story over and over again helped us refine our pitch.


Telstra, Tech For Good & The Future of Everything

My friend invited me to show off Teleroo at Telstra. So I spoke about Jeva, Teleroo, Singularity University and computer vision. Following that Zac, Garth and I gave demonstrations of Teleroo and let people move around. Everyone really enjoyed playing with Teleroo.

Here I am with Teleroo at the Telstra event. Smiles all around!

Telstra Marita
Here is Teleroo staking out the scene, looking for people to talk to.

Teleroo Behind
And this is Teleroo surveying the audience while I was talking on stage.

Teleroo Telstra Audience
Foundation for Young Australians

It was at Unleashed last year, run by the Foundation for Young Australians, that inspired and was the final catalyst for Teleroo to be conceived. So I knew that this year, I needed to go back to Unleashed along with Teleroo to celebrate and acknowledge our inspiration. Thank you for having us there, FYA! Teleroo

Teleroo casting a beautiful shadow in Federation Square

Teleroo Fed Square
FYA CEO and 2012 Westpac Most Influential Woman in Australia, Jan Owen, Marita and Teleroo posing in front of the Unleashed registration tent at Federation Square.

Jan Owen Marita Teleroo
Quoting Jan Owen: “Teleroo

Finally, here’s Zac posing with Teleroo. Zac accompanies Teleroo on all her trips to find any bugs on the field. And then fixes them! 🙂

Zac Marita Teleroo