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SBS Viceland The Feed

Our Teleport Brain Control continues to capture the public’s attention.  We filmed a segment with SBS Viceland’s The Feed with our friend Anthony Bartl who has been paralysed from the neck down since he was 6 and in a car accident.  He got to see the top floor of his house for the first time!


We also took Anthony and Teleport to the Melbourne War Memorial.

Brisbane Times article

One of our favourite news articles was the one written by the Brisbane Times.

Teleport on BBC Click

BBC Click mentioned Teleport in this video segment!

(starts at 0:52 in video)

American Australian Next Generation Leader

Marita was awarded an American Australian Next Generation Leader by former American Ambassador to Australia John Berry in New York City.  As part of her acceptance speech, the aubot team made a talking robot to interact with Marita.  The robot starts talking at 3:30!

Name change – aubot

After a bit (a lot) of brainstorming, we decided to change the name of our company from 2Mar Robotics to aubot.  “au” means ‘to meet’ in Japanese.  And aubot is pronounced ‘our’ – ‘bot’.  To accompany our inclusive name, we came up with a friendly logo:

We look forward to the company’s next chapter as aubot.