Robogals 10-Year Gala

At the 10-year Robogals Anniversary Gala on 14 July 2018, Marita appeared via Teleport to deliver a speech.  Marita was in San Francisco and the gala was in Melbourne.  Teleport and the Gala were both a huge success.

Australian Water Association

We flew a robot from Melbourne to Brisbane to appear one stage at the Australian Water Association conference.

We had our mechanical engineer Mack from Melbourne control the robot on stage with Marita and explain the work he’s doing with our version 2 robots.

Here’s a snippet of the interaction below!

ICRA 2018

We were so proud to be part of ICRA 2018, 21-25 May in Brisbane.

Thanks for letting us be part of ICRA-x, and the ICRA Industry Forum!

Hot Desq completed

Aubot has finished a 6-month stint in Queensland (Qld) at the Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Bluebox.  It was a great experience to be immersed in the Qld startup scene.  We enjoyed being welcomed into QUT’s Bluebox space.  We enjoyed contributing to the startup scene through participating in panels and giving talks throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and during trips to Cairns and Aurukun.  It was an amazing adventure!

Here’s a photo of kids at Aurukun State School (from all the way up north in remote Aurukun!) controlling a Teleport in our office.  Talk about the power of technology!  The teachers were so excited about using Teleports so their kids could visit museums remotely.

The Project

Missing School’s work with our robots was covered by Channel 10’s The Project.  (Starts  at 1’45).

Only the best

A sensitive Santa, the Nigerian women's bobsled team, a classroom return and a long lost family – all in Carrie’s good news! ☀️

Posted by The Project on Thursday, 23 November 2017

ABC News

In addition to the Facebook video, our customer Missing Schools had a write up on the ABC News website.  Here is the article and a video about their work.

ABC Facebook

One of our customers, Missing Schools, received national coverage via ABC News.  Here is the coverage shown on Facebook.

Six-year-old Freyja can't physically set foot in her classroom, but her WonderBot is here to help. Read more:

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, 21 November 2017